I specifically choose this list of women because they have under 10000 followers like me, but that is not most important reason. These ladies walk in passion and stand power. I feel it is necessary to shine a light on bloggers and influencers who are currently on the rise.  They are movers and shakers and clearly have made an impact on me. I know a lot of you will agree with me. They will motivate you with their fashions, blogs or businesses. Please me help to celebrate these 30 women. This list is not in order of importance. I love what all these women are doing.


I only discovered her recently. When I say recent, I mean like yesterday, but that doesn’t matter. Her feed is a dream. She is a super talented graphic designer. She describes her blog as “A diverse and creative space to share and discuss events, products and services with a special focus on supporting the black British community.”

Please check her out. It will be a time well spent.


We should all be rooting for Nicole, she is a plus size model, beauty influencer and beauty queen. Her drive shines all over her Instagram.

she created her platform to inspire others to be body confident. You must see what she is doing.

Is a delight whose is writing is on a 100, ok! Her writing focuses on empowerment, wellness and natural hair. Her blog is like a treasure chest for inspiration. I have been following her for a while and will continue to support her. I suggest you deep in to her whenever you need too.

I personally suffer with anxiety and depression and it very important for me keep my Instagram and my general space positive. I am not telling you this to feel sorry me trust me. I have taken the necessary measures to heal.  I have had counselling, but I because I am also hypersensitive, I feel everything so much more. This page will help you to maintain healthy thoughts daily. It’s like your Instagram equivalent to head space.

She is basically a muse, before I touch on her sense of humour. Please visit her Instagram to appreciate her clean images. She is her own style. She is a fashion and beauty lover whose execution is so clean, so professional. She deserves our love and support.


Michaela is a sweet heart.  She is well known in the plus size blogger community. She is content creator for BBC. Michaela created her blog to share anything that inspires her and to inform and encourage women of all sizes to dress how they want and feel confident with it.

I am just going to leave her Instagram bio description below because, she does exactly what she says. As a lover of every colour. I literally do not have a favourite. I had to follow Sara after meeting her at curve fashion fest. “Creating colour confidence ❤️💛💚💙💜 plus size influencer and fashion designer ❤️💛💚💙💜”



She works hard, she is beautiful, she is on YouTube. What more do you want?  If you want to know if it’s worth buying these outfits and get general advice. Please follow her.


I cannot remember how I found Ronnie, but I am happy I did. Her style is effortless. She is great with dogs and her grid is warm.  Check her out.

The brain child of @itsTrinaNicole. This class was created to give us plus size women a place to express ourselves freely without judgement. If you are in London or Birmingham please, try it out. You will even make friends too. Thank me later.

Dorcas is the one-woman team behind Dorcascreates. She is an illustrator, artist, product designer, marketing director, order packer, customer service agent for her brand. All her illustrations start out as pencil drawings which is then edited digitally. She creates pins, printed t-shirts, greeting cards and framed art. She also organises events and has a blog. I personally just want to buy some of her energy and time. Please check her out.

Her fashion short films and creative direction inspires me to push my editing skills. Follow this account to see what women working together looks like.

Now, this account makes you hungry every time she post. Don’t mind that though, you can learn a lot from her.  The biggest lesson I have learned from her is presentation is key for a foodie. All homemade by the way. A page for all foodies.

This space was created is to showcase the travelling women of the Caribbean, I can honestly say I am one of them. You may be too.

A space created by Chanti Media to celebrate Caribbean girl. If you are from the Caribbean like me or just like celebrating women like me. Go follow. They put on some of the best events for health and wellness.

A midsize fashion blogger who serves looks every day, and I am here for it, you better be too.

Fashion store owned by Shamele Cato a fashion designer based in London. If you are looking for modern and trendy, check out her store. I am here for it and will support it.

Is a Luxury handmade jewellery brand located in London.


I have known her so long but that doesn’t matter. She is a boss writer and a vision of what following your dreams looks like, all while being vulnerable. Please check out. If you don’t, you will still see her shows on your TV soon.

Is talent. She sings, she motivates and she dances and she does all these extremely well. Kemi vibrates on such a high level, following her will only lift you up.

I don’t want to get all mushy and sentimental, but I love her. Okay I might be a bit bias because she is my friend. But, she uses her platform to do so much good. She is single handily organises retreats to educate and heal us all. She is a nutritionist who organised workshops around the world to whip your mind and body into shape. You owe it to yourself to see what she offers.


Opens her own doors, creates her own beauty events. She inspires me.

Style, style style, inspiration, serving looks. Please check her out.


She is a badass I have been low keep stocking for some time. I have never meet her, but following her will teach you that being yourself is all you need. Or if your checkout her recent pic you may ask God why you are not a tad more flexible, but I digress, go see.


Everything you want to know about sex. Enough is said, just go listen.


Creator of The Curve Catwalk and Curlture. This a boss babe is a leader. Just admit it, her grid looks like a magazine. Her innovative energy will speak for its self when you go check her out. Imagine, as I am writing this post. I saw an insta-story story from her saying she is proud of her self. And so, she should be!

Poet, gamer, intellect, creator of Thebalckgirlgammers and Curlture. A Beautiful and active brain can never be wasted. She is a force, creates spaces for herself and invites you in. If you are a black girl gamer. Please join her community.


Founder of thyself. An event and page well worth a follow as well. But Chloe is another boss babe on the list. I cannot find another who curates an artistic grid like her. She travels well, plans healing event well and teaches us how to pose, well. You can learn how to do and be well from her. Come on, go see for yourself.

Found this gem recently, I just cannot get enough of her clean creative photography and you will be hooked too. Go see what I mean.



She is a poet, mental health advocate, feminist blogger. Get daily reminders to let you know you are not alone and that you are worthy.


Thank you  so much for  celebrating these women with me. If you would also like to check me out, I am tenipascal, plus size fashion blogger, fashion enthusiast, mental health advocate, sister, supporter, friend, and all round giver of love.



  1. March 11, 2019 / 7:27 pm

    Thank you for including me in this beautiful write up. Love your beautiful spirit

    • tenipascal
      March 27, 2019 / 11:59 pm

      Any time my darling, did you find anyone you like?

  2. Nicky
    March 27, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    Yes Tenisha! I love your attitude and kick ass support for all us females. Well done you!

    • tenipascal
      March 27, 2019 / 11:58 pm

      Thank you Nicky? Thank you so much , one of my goals with this blog is to up lift women .

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